Greg and I were very impressed after reading Helen’s e-book ‘Picking Your Performance Puppy’. It has valuable information for anyone who is thinking about getting a puppy for any type of performance training. What a great resource in assessing and understanding the movement of older dogs as well. ‘Picking Your Performance Puppy’ is very easy to read with fantastic illustrations and pictures making concepts very clear. We are recommending to all of our clients who have any questions regarding structure to order Helen’s e book.

Greg & Laura Derrett

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I sometimes see Helen King at local agility trials in the summer. Sometimes we chat about structure and as it pertains to the agility dogs we observe running courses. I had the chance to attend one of her presentations on “Recipe To Win” which delves into structure and its affect on performance such as in agility competitions. I was very impressed with the information presented and was excited to learn that Helen was planning to publish a book. Well, that time has come as her eBook titled “Picking Your Performance Puppy” is now available! This eBook is packed with such great information and is easy to understand. Regardless of the experience of the reader, everyone will come away with more knowledge in areas such as: Structure Basics, Breed type and so much more! “What allows some dogs to excel in dog sports while others struggle?” Helen’s eBook has the answer to this question (and many more) with informative videos, drawings and illustrations as she explains in great detail. I highly recommend “Picking Your Performance Puppy ” to everyone including breeders, trainers, competitors and any individual about to embark on getting a new puppy with a performance future in mind.

Janice DeMello/Hob Nob Border Collies

Helen King has written yet another informative and useful book on canine structure and angulation. This book builds on her previous book, Picking Your Performance Puppy, and will take you a step further, guiding you through the process of evaluating your own dog's structure and angulation. Helen uses a clear and concise method, complete with pictures and pitfalls to watch for, as well as examples to test your skills on in the back of the book. As our interest in dog sports grows, we owe it to our canine partners and to ourselves to make sure that our dogs are suited for the sports we intend to participate in with them - this book is a great instructional manual and a must-read for anybody interested in dog agility, rally obedience, flyball, dock diving, obedience, schutzhund, herding, carting, lure coursing, or any other canine performance sport. Helen's humorous and down-to-earth approach, coupled with the great information that she has to offer, will help even the most inexperienced dog owners learn to become experts in the area of canine structure and angulation assessment!

Daisy Peel 5-time national champion (AKC and USDAA), 20+ time national finalist, 9-time USA Team Member, 4-time Americas and Caribbean International Gold Medalist and a World Agility Open Gold Medalist

Helen’s eBook, Picking Your Performance Puppy, is an excellent resource. Her extensive knowledge of structure and the way it applies to performance is very unique and I have found her observations to be astute and incredibly accurate. I don’t know of anyone else with her perspective and sharp eye. Her horse experience began in the early ‘50s, and her extensive experience as a dog breeder with top winning show dogs began over 40 years ago. For the last 10 years she and her husband have shown their standard poodles and a border collie, earning multiple MACH titles and winning various other championships. Over the years she has worked with some of the best experts in the world on equine structure and how it relates to performance, and that combined with her love and fascination for structure in dogs has led to amazing insight into how are our dogs’ structure affects their abilities. I am bragging about her because although she is not that well known, as of yet, she is worth getting to know. :-) ) It is more than just a book on picking a performance puppy. I believe anyone interested in dog sports will find it an enjoyable and extremely informative read

Stacy Leah Winkler

Helen King’s ‘Picking your Performance Puppy’ This is the most comprehensive resource on canine structure and how it relates to performance dogs that I have ever come across and, I believe, essential reading for any performance dog owner. It is jam packed with easy to understand information including diagrams, photographs and videos. Helen, in my opinion, is the best person in the World for evaluating performance dogs. There are many things that you can influence through good dog training in your performance pup including behaviour, confidence and drive. However structure is one of those things that you cannot change so a good understanding of structure and how it relates to performance is essential before purchasing a puppy. Even if you are not about to purchase a puppy, increasing your knowledge on structure also allows you to be proactive about strengthening weaknesses (through fitness programs and training modification to accommodate the weaknesses) in order to minimise the long term impact. So regardless of whether you are in the market for your performance puppy or want to know as much as you can about your current performance dog then this book is a must have.

Charlotte Rundgren, Dynamic K9s, Hamilton, New Zealand

I highly recommend Helen’s seminar. I attended her seminar in San Diego. She had wonderful pictures and slides of her own dogs and we were able to get our hands on the dogs to actually feel the structure. She relates the structure of the dog who has less than perfect structure (which few dogs have) to what can be expected performance wise from the dog and what can be achieved from a dog with less than perfect structure. Great seminar–don’t miss it.Robyn Broock Former AKC Agility World Team Member

Good Dog Agility thanks Helen King for a fabulous seminar yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona on canine structure in performance dogs.Just a few of the reviews: “What a great seminar. For the first time I understand how to look at how dogs are put together.”"I loved Helen’s use of photos, videos and real dogs to show us how the dog’s structure affects their movement. I’ve been involved with dogs a long time, conformation, obedience, agility…This was the best explanation I’ve seen yet.”"Helen does the best job of anyone I’ve seen of handling evaluations of participants’ dogs in a seminar setting.”

“The seminar was great. Thanks for bringing Helen here.”

I highly recommend every club and training center find time to bring Helen out to talk with your students and give them an opportunity to understand how their dogs’ structure affects their sports performance. It’s a priceless few hours and Helen is a great presenter and congenial person. We were lucky to get her to make a detour to Phoenix. Hope she had as good a time, although I am sure she didn’t mind escaping the 105+ temps that arrived yesterday!

Jean Emery, Good Dog Agility Seminar Coordinator, Phoenix, Arizona

I was so impressed by the Helen King session that ran in Florida this past winter I decided I had to host one here at Say Yes this summer. Anyone who has not attended one of Helen’s presentation on structure and its effect on performance this is a ‘must attend’ workshop—-just ask anyone that has been to one! For those of you that have seen other popular structure “experts” trust me - you will be blown away by Helen’s insightful presentation and the upbeat way she presents her observations. This session is ideal not only for those wanting knowledge on how to pick their next agility dog or puppy but it is also incredibly useful to learn about your current dog’s structural strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how a dog’s structural challenges lead to common training issues or injuries in agility and how you may better prepare your dog with strength and conditioning.

Susan Garrett, Say Yes Dog Training Inc