Picking Your Performance Puppy
  • What allows some dogs to excel in dog sports while others struggle?
  • Why can some dogs turn on a dime and drive ahead with speed?
  • How do you choose the right puppy for you?

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Picking Your Performance Puppy


What's Your Angle

In this unique book, Helen describes a simple, step-by-step process for learning to see and understand angulation and structure for the performance dog. What's Your Angle is full of entertaining illustrations that help make the content easy to understand.

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What's your Angle

Choose the right book for you: Picking Your Performance Puppy Whats Your Angle
What to look for when choosing a breeder X  
The breed debate: show lines vs. working lines X  
Spay/neuter contracts X  
Personality testing of puppies X  
Picking puppies from photographs X  
Puppy at home - feed, exercise, vaccinations, training X  
Structure basics X X
Reference drawings X X
How structure affects performance X X
Understanding the relationship of angles and performance X X
How to stack and photograph a dog for structure evaluation   X
Overcoming problems with stacking and photographing   X
How to properly locate the angles using your hands   X
Using photos and basic computer tools to draw and measure angles   X
Train your eye to easily see canine angles   X
Understanding ideal angles for your specific sport   X
Evaluating angles   X
Other performance considerations   X
Putting it all together   X
Practice evaluating structure: self-test evaluating puppies extensive limited
Practice evaluating structure: self-test evaluating adult dogs limited extensive
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$19.95 PDF
$19.95 Kindle
$24.95 Paperback