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Recipe to Win & Wild Ride Videos are owned and operated by Mel King, Helen Grinnell King and Stacy Winkler.

Helen Grinnell King

canine structure and agility competitor

Author, artist and agility addict, Helen was born with an intense love of animals.

Helen was being led around on a horse long before she could walk. Dogs and horses have been a major part of her entire life. Her mother raised Boxers in the ‘50s and ‘60s so Helen’s education of canine structure began at a very early age.

Helen grew up on a horse, riding every day after school and spending nearly every Saturday fox hunting and Sundays competing at hunter/jumper shows around New England.

 In 1966, Helen spent the summer in Ireland at a school for equestrian studies. While there, she learned the importance of structure and how it relates to performance. She attended many horse shows in Ireland as well as sales and fairs and this exposure to hundreds of performance animals helped develop her eye for what it takes for an animal to excel in performance. She also rode some open jumpers while there and that taught her that structure is crucial not only to winning but to safety and soundness as well.

In the 1970s, Helen raised and showed harlequin Great Danes and Basset Hounds as well a few other breeds. She owned and/or bred many AKC champions including the breed winner at a Great Dane Club of America National specialty as well as multiple Group and all breed Best in Show winning Basset Hounds. One of her Basset Hound bitches produced 8 AKC breed champions from only two litters and was awarded the Register of Merit title from the BHCA as a top producer of champions. Helen also bred one of the first dual champion Basset Hounds (field and breed champion) and to this day there are very few dual champions in the breed.

As an award winning sculptor, Helen has studied structure in depth to enhance her understanding of conformation and how it relates to movement.

She and her husband, Mel, bred successful race and performance horses for many years. One of the Connemara stallions Helen bred and owned was immortalized as a limited edition Breyer model. “Rocky” was well known for his many championships in hand and over fences as well as great successes in dressage and eventing. Recently, the American Connemara Pony Society awarded the first ever prestigious Premium Stallion Certificates. Two of only three awards given went to Rocky sons. Standing just 14.1 1/2h tall, Rocky often won open jumper classes over horses that towered over him.


Connemara stallion “Rocky” owned and bred by Helen, was a limited edition Breyer model and featured on many equine magazine covers.

Below with Connie Tuor up.

Helen has been an Inspector for the American Connemara Pony Society for many years as well as a Connemara judge and seminar presenter. She attends seminars and lectures with the leaders in the field to continually sharpen her eye and hone her skills.

Helen’s lifelong passion has been the study of structure and how it relates to performance. She has observed hundreds of dogs in agility to compare conformation and performance as well as tracking the puppies to maturity from the litter evaluations she has done.

With her extensive, hands-on knowledge of structure and performance, Helen’s evaluation techniques and insight into effects of structure on performance will teach you how to look at dogs in a simple, easy to understand way that will help you evaluate your current or future agility dog.

Helen's agility dogs include:

MACH 2 Durandel Hello Hollywood MPD MXG MJC NF RN HIT CGC VCX "Charisse" (SP) Retired


VCX (retired due to multiple heath issues - bloat and torsion, severe IBD, seizures, horrific bite & more) 

"Isabella" (SP)

Jility Pimp My Poodle MXJ RN NF “UPGRAYEDD” (SP MACH 2 Charisse’s baby)



Mel King

videographer, editor, graphics and agility competitor

In his earlier life, Mel worked as an electrical engineer. He designed everything from satellite trackers to Disneyland's It's a Small World ride to the fuel gauge for the Apollo Space Mission. Mel's eye for detail and precision help him to see things on and off the agility field that many others might miss.

Mel has filmed and/or edited and done the graphics for many top selling canine training videos. Some of his well known titles include, Susan Garrett's 2x2 Weave Pole Training, Running Contacts by Ali Roukas-Canova, World Class Weaves by Joe Canova and Bob Bailey's Fundamentals of Animal Training.

When not filming or editing dog videos, Mel enjoys running his standard Poodles and Border Collie in agility. Mel's agility dogs include:

ADCH MACH 7 Teller Hollywood Dream MXS3 MJG3 MXF CD RN SCH SACH HIT CGC VCX (AKC Agility Nationals Finalist) "Josephine" (SP) Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. 


MACH Bo-tyne Crush on Ewe  MXG MJS MXF MFB T2B AD GM SAM TM HIT CGC "Crushie" (BC)

Jility White Chokolat NA OAJ NF “Barque” (SP MACH 2 Charisse’s baby)

Miss Millie Angel O-NJC O-NAC OJC OAC OGC AD Columbia Cup winner RFDE (Rescue Feral Dog Extraordinaire) "Millie" (Chow, Collie, Aussie, Shepherd, Norwegian Elkhound and MORE!) Waiting at the bridge. 



Stacy Leah Winkler

Director, producer, voice-over actor, agility instructor and competitor

Stacy Leah Winkler has been teaching agility for more than 12 years. She was in the USDAA World Championship Finals with 2 different dogs. Her Jack Russell, ADCH MACH2 Dakota's Little Nomad, “Dakota”, was in the Challengers Round at the AKC Nationals and was rated the #1 Jack Russell and #1 Terrier in AKC agility. Dakota was also the 2nd Jack Russell in the country to attain the MACH2 title and was qualified for The AKC Invitational (the event from which the AKC chooses the USA World Team) at the AKC Nationals 2 years in a row. Stacy’s border collie, ADCH Contact Point's Jib MX MXJ FDCH, “Jib”, made the USDAA National Semi-Finals for three consecutive years. Stacy’s newest dogs are is Swedish bred Border Collie Manfares Born Ready AX AXJ "Keen" and Double J Cinch NA OAJ " Groove". Her other dogs have been Rival's Wild Ride "Thrill" NA NAJ AD, and she also has “Cheyenne”, Little Brave Cheyenne AX AXJ, a West Highland Terrier.

She has trained and handled a great number of breeds such as: Border Collies, Shelties, Brittany Spaniels, Aussies, Welsh Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles and Golden Retrievers to name a few. Many of her students have dogs that are recognized as some of  the best agility dogs in their respective breeds.

Stacy's training utilizes positive motivation and clicker training. She has trained with and mentored by some of the best agility trainers in the world: Susan Garrett and Greg Derrett to name a few. She exclusively uses the Greg Derrett handling system. She has also done puppy and drive work training with Michael Ellis.

Stacy's training emphasizes foundation work and drive. She maintains that if you have fun in your training, teach clear understanding of your behaviors, add great value to those behaviors, and work with great attention and drive, you will not only have a great agility dog but you will also have a dog you will love to have as a pet!

Stacy Leah Winkler




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