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Whether you are looking to add a new puppy to your home, adopt and older dog or just want to know more about structure and how it relates to performance, the Recipe to Win products are a great resource! Recipe to Win is about…


about us
Recipe to Win & Wild Ride Videos have teamed up to bring you exciting information on canine structure, agility training and other important subjects to help you get to and stay at the top of your game. Together we offer books (eBooks or print) and…


“Never before has the performance dog sport world had a manual like this book. “Picking Your Performance Puppy” goes beyond traditional “conformational thinking” about a dog’s structure. In my opinion this book is a must have resource for…

online classes

In this electronic age, most people now choose their next performance dogs using the internet. What better way to learn what to look for in photos and videos than with an online course? What’s Your Angle will take you though an easy to follow, step by step process that will teach you how to see angles in dogs and what is important.

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